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The Raw Living Summit is bringing together world-renowned experts from the Health, Healing, Raw Food, Cleansing, and Radiation-Protection sectors to share with you the practical, applicable ways in which they incorporate their understanding of Living a Healthy, Plant Based, High Energy, Natural Lifestyle in their own lives and the lives of their clients . . . and how you can do the same!

Listen to more than 30 interviews of incredible wisdom as experts share their stories, powerful exercises and practical advice on how to live your healthiest life and understand the power of a practical approach to healing, longevity, weight loss, sustainable living, and vitality.

During these uplifting and engaging conversations, self-improvement authors and visionary teachers from a myriad of fields will sit down to share their personal moments of transformation. You’ll also discover new voices in today’s generation of health teachers and learn how all these inspiring leaders apply their expertise to their own lives.

You’ll learn from incredible teachers on a variety of topics that are truly life changing. And this practical advice is easy to apply to your own Life!


35 Experts on Health, Healing, Raw Food, Cleansing, and Radiation-Protection Share the Latest Research and Insights on Living a Healthy, Plant Based, High Energy, Natural Lifestyle

During the Raw Living Summit You Will Learn...

  • Green Juice Therapy
  • Yoga and Wellness
  • Plant Powered Performance For Athletic Excellence
  • Our World Wealth of Wild Weeds
  • Raw Food for Smart Busy People
  • Herbs for Ultimate Vitality
  • Tapping into the Power of Conscious Connection
  • Eating for your Function
  • Emotional and Binge Eating, Creating Healthy Habits
  • Nourishing Ourselves, Nourishing Our Families
  • Food For Life: Nutrition Optimization in the 2014 Food System Paradigm
  • What you need to know about ionizing radiation and how to protect yourself from it
  • 'Life in the Age of Pollution' Learning to thrive and survive
  • How to be a Successful Live-Food Vegan
  • How to Overcome Addiction and Live Life to the Fullest!
  • The Emerging Goddess Syndrome
  • Skinny Dipping in the Fountain of Youth
  • Misinformation in the raw food world
  • And So Much More!!!


Laura Chiraya Fox

Founder of Best of Raw, Raw Living Expo, the 13-Tribes model, Activate Your Destiny, and Resonance Fest, Laura Fox is a visionary leader, healer, author, seer and plant based raw foods nutrition advocate.

Laura has a personal mission to nurture a global ecological, social, health and spiritual maturation process through techniques and tools of “subtle activism” and powerful events such as the Raw Living Expo and the annual Best of Raw Awards.

Through Raw Living Expo and Best of Raw, Laura and her outstanding team promote raw foods educators, manufacturers, media, retreat centers, stores and more, creating a powerful “force for nutritional good” to help people around the world upgrade their diet by adding more raw, organic, and hopefully local, plant foods. She is a strong advocate of a plant based diet for personal health, environmental revitalization and for the love of animals.

Laura works with groups and individuals to clear the “overlays” of consciousness – the waxy build-up from aeons of human experience – so that the true essential nature of a person, a group or a community can emerge to shine fully and share its true gifts, fulfilling its dharma destiny mission with great joy.

Laura is also co-host of Raw Living Interviews, the initiator of the projects to create standards in the raw foods industry and a trade association for the raw foods movement, as well as her company Activate Your Destiny through which she offers personal growth, spiritual healing and inspirational guidance.



Nathan Crane

From addiction, dependency, jail, and homelessness, to a profound spiritual awakening becoming a highly sought after international entrepreneur of personal empowerment, Nathan found his life’s purpose in helping people experience more joy and fulfillment in their lives, dissolving harmful habits and mental attachments, and experiencing physical, mental, emotional, financial, and spiritual transformation.

Nathan Crane, is a highly sought after lifestyle entrepreneur, speaker, author, and teacher of Life.

He has published, shared stages with, and worked with dozens of world renowned experts and best selling authors such as; Dr. Gabriel Cousens, Gregg Braden, Jeffrey Smith, Sonia Choquette, Alan Cohen, Dr. Leonard Coldwell, Guy Finley, and many others, all by the age of 26 years old.

He is the Founder of The Panacea Community, President of Panacea Publishing, Inc. Director of Panacea Life School, Partner of Best of Raw, LLC, CEO of Integrated Health International, and Executive Producer of the Raw Living Expo - focused on assisting Billions of people to experience higher levels of health, happiness, and fulfillment through online educational conscious publishing programs.

Nathan is the author of a raw plant based lifestyle detox program called, “The Panacea Cleanse”, and author of a best selling lifestyle enrichment anthology titled, “27 Flavors of Fulfillment; How to Live Life to the Fullest!

Nathan has incorporated a high level of raw foods into his diet since 2009, and has been enjoying a plant based raw living foods lifestyle with his wife and daughter since Christmas Eve of 2012. He believes in purifying the body and mind as two of the key steps in advancing spiritually and enjoying a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Get Your FREE Ticket to Attend the Raw Living Summit Online

Instantly access your free ticket to attend the Raw Living Summit international online event by entering your name and email below

We value your privacy and would never spam you